Dutch trains in CSS

Illustrations of Dutch rolling stock operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen, created entirely using HTML and CSS. Best viewed in modern browsers. Don’t try this at home work.

NS Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie (SNG)

Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie (SNG). Has blue ceiling lights that look really bad on pictures. I have never seen one in real life, so as far as I’m concerned these trains don’t actually exist. In service 2018–present.

NS Verlengd Interregiomaterieel modern (VIRMm)

Verlengd Interregiomaterieel modern (VIRMm); a refit version of the VIRM. It’s like a train version of the A380, with leg room. In service 2017–present.

NS Flirt

Flirt. Stijlish interior. Only used in parts of the country where people cannot pronounce the letter “g” correctly. In service 2016–present.

NS/NMBS V250 (Fyra)

V250. Also known as “Albratros”, “Fyra”, and “very expensive failure”. Capable of reaching speeds of 250 km/h. Technically a high-speed train, but in practice often limited to top speeds of up to 0 km/h. In service 2012–2013.

NS Dubbeldekker Zonering (DDZ)

Dubbeldekker Zonering (DDZ). Refit version of the DD-AR. Looks like an old person with copious amounts of botox and cosmetics. Also reminds you a bit of IKEA. In service 2012–present.

NS Sprinter Lighttrain (SLT)

Sprinter Lighttrain (SLT). Requires more unscheduled reboots than your average Windows machine. In service 2009–present.

NS Class 186

Class 186 locomotive. Used for international passenger trains and the Intercity direct (also known as Intercity defect). In service 2008–present.

NS Intercitymaterieel modern (ICMm)

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Intercitymaterieel modern (ICMm); an updated version of the original ICM. Has fancy bathroom doors that no one seems to understand. In service 2007–present.

NS Stadsgewestelijk Materieel modern (SGMm)

Stadsgewestelijk Materieel modern (SGMm). Also known as “Vlaflip”. Evokes strong feelings of disappointment when you see this instead of the SLT you were expecting. First modern NS train with a predominantly white livery. In service 2003–present.

NS Verlengd Interregiomaterieel (VIRM)

Verlengd Interregiomaterieel (VIRM); technically a longer version of the dubbeldeksinterregiomaterieel (DD-IRM). Sounds like a crying whale when it departs. Originally known as “Regiorunner”. Some units were called “Doedelzak” due to the obnoxious sound of their engines. In service 1994–present.

NS Dubbeldeksmaterieel (DDM)

Dubbeldeksmaterieel (DDM). First double-decker train in the Netherlands. Visually similar to the later Dubbeldeksaggloregiomaterieel (DD-AR). Both are ugly as hell, but they get the job done. In service 1985–2019.

NS Class 1700


Class 1700 locomotive. Used to tow and push passenger trains. Sounds like a moving refrigerator. In service 1991–present. It is visually similar to its predecessor, the 1600, which has been in service since 1981.

NS Intercitymaterieel (ICM)

Intercitymaterieel (ICM), the Boeing 747 of Dutch trains. One train was painted in KLM colours in celebration of the opening of the Amsterdam–Schiphol railway line. Alternative names include Plan Z and “Koploper”. In service 1977–2011.

NS Stadsgewestelijk Materieel (SGM)

Stadsgewestelijk Materieel (SGM), the OG Sprinter. Also known as Plan Y. Primarily operated in the Randstad area. Some trains were used as CityPendel. In service 1975–2009.

NS Mat ’64

Materieel ’64 or “Apekop”. Includes Plan T and Plan V models. The latter is depicted here. Comfortable seats in an otherwise uncomfortable train. In service 1967–2016.

NS Mat ’54

Materieel ’54 or “Hondekop”. Includes Plan F, G, M, P and Q, and train set 747. Primarily used for express services. Some trains had red noses and were thus nicknamed “Bloedneus”. In service 1956–1996.